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WordPress Firewall

Most people have heard about firewalls with respect to their home of office computers. It’s the piece of technology that manages incoming and outbound network and internet traffic based on some preconfigured security settings. It’s the “wall” between your computer and the internet.

WordPress websites also need firewalls. We set them up so there is a wall between your website and all of the users that access that site. With a firewall in place, we are able to monitor, block and restrict traffic to your WordPress website proactively or in response to a potential threat. We keep logs of the traffic to your WordPress website so that we can review past activity and analyse repeat behaviours or patterns that could indicate a potential security threat. We even have the ability to watch traffic in real time to observe user behaviour and monitor attempts by certain users or IP addresses to circumvent or undermine a website’s security measures.

We also use services that monitor the entire internet for suspicious activity. IP addresses that are attempting to hack websites or partaking in other cyber attacks are automatically flagged. Our system then challenges the users of these IP addresses to let them know they have been caught behaving badly. In some cases, we block them outright. In other cases we ask them to verify that they are not a bot or script attempting to exploit a site. This helps reduce the amount of malicious traffic our client’s websites receive.

If a threat is detected, we have the ability to isolate individual IP addresses, ranges of IP addresses or even entire countries. In extreme cases, we may even block all traffic except for the few IP addresses that we allow access to a site for a given period of time while a threat is being assessed. This gives us unprecedented control over the traffic at a level that is independent of the webhost itself.

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