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WordPress Security Implementations

This service is an excellent starting-point for any organization or business that operates a WordPress website for branding, marketing, sales, operations, fundraising or general information purposes. In other words, if you have never had a security implementation done by your digital agency or freelancer, your WordPress website likely has compliance gaps.

WordZite can fill those gaps. We will complete an audit of your WordPress website and then we will implement as many security standard as we can within the limits imposed by your current WordPress site and hosting environment. This will get your site compliant with today’s basic standards.

It is important to note that this is a one-time implementation and does not come with any guarantees or ongoing service provision. Failure to maintain the site to the latest standards will result in future deficiencies or vulnerabilities. Organizations that need to maintain a high standard of WordPress security and performance should consider signing up for one of our WordPress Managed Services plans.

Let’s Get Started

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