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WordPress Managed Services

The majority of web industry uses what is called a break-fix model. Something happens to your WordPress website, you see it, you call or email a service provider and they fix it. The best service providers have good customer support systems in place to deal with these requests. Low-end providers can take hours or even days to respond by email only. There is a better model – it is called managed services.

Managed services is not something new. It’s been widely used in the IT industry since the 1990’s. But, this model it is yet to be widely adopted by marketing and web agencies. This is because these agencies generate most of their revenue from creative projects or marketing retainers. Agencies don’t have the dedicated resources and capabilities required to proactively monitor, scan, assess, triage and resolve security or performance issues in WordPress websites. Conversely, IT companies lack the expertise and skill sets to properly manage the security and performance of WordPress websites. It takes special training and a great deal of hands-on experience to become competent in our niche.

WordZite has the skills, experience and passion you need. We have seen the pain that the break-fix model causes the owners of WordPress websites. It is in your best interest if problems are solved proactively. As such, our service offering goes well beyond what even the best plugins or applications can offer. Please view our Standard section to learn more about how we maximize the security and performance of WordPress websites.

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