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Our Standards

We are constantly researching, testing and documenting best-practices related to WordPress security and performance. We maintain up to a dozen technical standards within each of the following core areas of operation.

Domain Security

Your domain might only cost $10 a year…but, it is the foundation of your digital presence.

Advanced DNS

No more sloppy user interfaces and 24 hour resolution times. We have a better solution.

Webhost Integrity

Avoid falling victim to low-end hosting plans and negligent server infrastructure.

WordPress Firewall

Prevent the bad guys from accessing your WordPress website.

WordPress Speed

Make your WordPress website load quickly within your entire area of operation.

WordPress Files & Folders

Protect the files and folders on your server from unwanted access and changes.

WordPress Database Security

Keeping your database secure and functional is integral to both security and performance.

WordPress Updates & Bugs

Same-day updates and on-demand debugging keep your WordPress site performing its best.

WordPress Backup & Recovery

We store backups offsite and keep them for up to 90 days with a one-click restore process.

Users & Admin Security

Don’t let negligent users become potential security vulnerabilities for your site.

Content & Spam Protection

Prevent those annoying spammers from exploiting your website for personal gain.

Search Engine Monitoring

If Google sees something of concern, we will get notified and take action to address it.

Privacy & Personal Info

We can help keep the information your website transmits safe from 3rd parties.

Cyberthreat Protection

Regular antivirus and malware scans are just the start of a regimen to prevent cyberthreats.

Our People & Systems

We hire people with the right values and work experience and then train them to excel.

Exceptional Customer Service

We aren’t selling a plugin. So, we genuinely care about the quality of our service.

Let’s Get Started

Book a Security and Performance Audit and learn how well your WordPress website complies with industry standards.