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Our Story

Think back to the year 2006. A large portion of consumers still did not have cell phones. And those that did had flip phones or phones that also housed a few dozen MP3s. The internet was also much less robust. Social media was just starting to emerge. The number of reported cyber attacks was a fraction of what we now see over a decade later. And WordPress was in it’s infancy as a little CMS that powered blogs — by no means a leader in the industry. WordPress has come a long way. As a content management system — it now powers around 25% of the internet.

WordPress is the most popular open-source content management system on the planet. This makes WordPress an appetizing target for malicious and unethical third parties who would aim to exploit a widely adopted technology.

Fast forward a few years. 2016 was reported as the worst year on record for cyber attacks and was dubbed by one source as “The Year of the Hack.” Then a year later, F-Secure Labs logged an overall traffic increase of 223% to its honeypots with Russia accounting for 44% of that traffic. The unfortunate news is that this is just the start of an increasing trend. And worse, cyber crime is silent and often goes unreported which implies that any data we do receive publicly is only a fraction of the actual number of incidents globally.

The founders of WordZite have been in the web industry since 2006 and we’ve watched this all evolve. We’ve experienced some of these pains through the many clients we’ve done business with. Thus, we were forced to create systems and processes internally to mitigate against the many threats we now face. We did this to protect our own clients. But, without realizing it, we were actually creating a whole new business.

So, we decided to make WordZite a stand-alone entity dedicated to maximizing the speed and security of WordPress websites. Unlike other digital agencies that include hosting or maintenance services as up-sells, we are a stand-alone service provider that is dedicated to working with the owners of WordPress websites as well as digital agencies and IT providers. We do not develop websites. We do not execute marketing campaigns. We do not write custom software (but we do use some of the best software in the industry). Our passion is simply to use the best-in-class products and services to ensure WordPress websites load very quickly with no downtime and no security concerns. That’s it.

If you have any concerns at all about your WordPress website, please book an audit to learn how we can help.

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