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Our Promise and Values

Vision: To create a safe haven for the owners and managers of WordPress websites from the ever-increasing number of cyber threats.

Mission: To work with digital agencies, technology companies, policy makers, regulators and enforcement bodies to help create a safer online world for generations to come.


We promise to use the best-in-class products and services within our plans to ensure we are providing the absolute best WordPress performance and security plan on the planet.

How We Keep Our Promise:

  • We research and test WordPress plugins and 3rd party software
  • We have direct relationships with the software and service providers we choose to use
  • We attend industry conferences to keep abreast of new innovations
  • We subscribe to major blogs and news sources regarding cyber threats


Proactive: We setup our systems and processes with backups and contingency plans to ensure we are always acting and not reacting.

Immediacy: We install updates and other technology upgrades as soon as they become available. If a threat is detected, we will take action immediately with a predetermined response plan based on the threat in question.

Transparent: We never hide or obfuscate information regarding our clients’ websites. If something impacts the performance, security or up-time of a client’s website, we will keep them informed of the issue, progress and resolution using non-technical language.

Current: We stay up to date on the latest cyber threats as well as the most recent innovations and updates in technology to help protect WordPress websites.

Education: We provide information on the performance and security of the software and services we research to help increase awareness for all owners and administrators of WordPress websites worldwide.

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