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Search Engine Monitoring

This is another one of our services that borders on SEO. Our services do not involve traditional web design or digital marketing. So, our interest in search engines is purely to make sure that Google’s crawlers are not reporting any security or performance issues.

The irony is that Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) does not report issues in a timely manner. It can be days or even weeks after an issue is created on a WordPress site before that same issue appears in Search Console. So, we don’t rely on Search Console as a security tool (and neither should you). But, it is vital that we review Search Console on a regular basis to make sure there are no issues with the website or domain. If an issue gets left long enough it WILL get found by Google. This could cause irreparable damage to your domain authority (the trustworthiness of your site) which would result in a loss of Google rankings and, in extreme cases, can actually prevent people from loading your site or receiving email from you.

Issues related to the security or performance of a WordPress website are dealt with by WordZite. Issues related to the design or features in your site are referred to a digital agency to resolve. Issues related to your IT infrastructure (such as email) are referred to your in-house or outsourced IT provider.

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