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Our People & Systems

If you’ve read all of our content to this point, you’ll see that we’ve been talking all about what we do to secure your WordPress website and oversee your staff’s use of that site. But what about our team and our systems? What do we do internally to make sure that our company does not become a security risk as a supplier to your business?

We begin by making sure that all of our team members have had criminal record checks completed. We’ve yet to have anyone get offered a job and then get flagged with a criminal record. But, we want our clients to know that we’ve taken this extra measure to ensure that they are working with a team of law abiding technicians. We also make sure that our staff has the correct education and training to do their jobs. If someone applies to work for us and has made a claim of certain education or certification, we will actually verify those claims along with their employment history.

We also have also used an employment lawyer to help draft all of our contracts with our team members. These contracts contain specific clauses about the handling of client information and our own company information. We sometimes even sign separate non-disclosure agreements directly with our clients to further guarantee the security of certain sensitive information that a client may not want shared publicly within a given time frame (such as for an upcoming movie or video game release) or indefinitely (for companies that have sensitive information in private areas of their WordPress website).

We have documented best-practices for everything we do. These are often in the form of step-by-step processes and checklists. We are very strict about adhering to these best-practices. This ensures that we do not miss any aspect in ensuring your WordPress website is secure. It also means that we always delivering on our promises.

We use a mix of services, technology and plugins to deliver on our promise of “providing the absolute best WordPress performance and security plan on the planet”. Therein, we are not tied to a single platform, system or software other than WordPress itself (as our target market). If a better solution for a given feature presents itself, we will adopt it…and so will all of our clients along with us.

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