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Exceptional Customer Service

We keenly understand that the web industry is plagued by poor service providers. Thus, we pride ourselves on exceeding the level of service expected from a web or IT company. We have a service level agreement for all of our clients with communication mediums, response times and availability detailed depending on the level of subscription with WordZite.

For our top-tier clients, we have dedicated account managers so your key contacts will always know the name of the person they will be dealing with here at WordZite. Likewise, for our top-tier clients we offer a money-back guarantee in the event that we don’t live up to our service level agreement. Regardless of your level of subscription, we always respond and we always strive to exceed your expectations.

Great service alone is not enough. We also provide our clients with access to information so they know that we are doing our job. All of our clients get a monthly security report showing them what has been done to their site and any incidents that were prevented or resolved on their behalf. We are very transparent with our clients. If we received a major alert (whether it be global or just localized to a single client) we notify the affected clients immediately. We let our clients know our plan to resolve the issue and keep them appraised until the issue is fully resolved. We also take it upon ourselves to send updates to our clients about any security issues beyond just WordPress – such as the Heartbleed Bug of 2014.

For some clients, we may even stress test their WordPress website to see how far it can be pushed before the performance gets compromised. In accordance with our best-practices, we have our own contingency plans in place with pre-determined steps laid out that we use to resolve issues. This allows us to think clearly while resolving a critical issue and also frees up our top technicians to focus on finding the cause of a problem.

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