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Domain Security

A domain typically costs $10 – $20 per year to own. It is easy to buy a domain and it is a very small cost to a business. As a result, many businesses overlook the importance of reviewing and managing the risks to the domain itself.

The reality is, despite being a small expense, the domain is actually the centerpiece of your entire digital presence. If someone gets access to your registrar, they can effectively steal all of your emails and website traffic without ever having to touch any of your other IT infrastructure.

At WordZite, we take domain-level risks very seriously. With over 20 years of combined experience in the web industry, we have come to appreciate that the majority of businesses do not realize the importance of securing their domain and ensuring monitoring is in place. We also appreciate that most business owners are busy people who do not want to have to login to yet another web service and navigate a foreign user interface just to renew a domain.

We will ensure that your domain is secure and only accessible on an as-needed basis by anyone other than yourself. We will monitor the web to ensure your domain does not appear on any blacklists associated with email spam, malware, viruses or other cyber threats. We’ll also make sure that your domains are always renewed on or before their expiry date. All of this helps to minimize the risk of downtime to your website and email and ensures your domains are kept under your full control at all times.

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