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Cyber Threat Protection

Unfortunately, we now live in a world where silent wars are taking place between large corporations, hackers, state players and governments. If a major police state wanted to hack your website, they probably could and there would be little we could do to prevent that short of taking the site right offline. So, our approach when discussing major cyber threats is to consider the costs versus the reward. How many resources would a 3rd party have to employ to hack your website? How much can they gain from hacking your website? Is it worth that expenditure of time and resources to get into your site? Is it worth the legal risk? What can we do to make it too “expensive” for a malicious 3rd party to attack your WordPress website?

The good news is that your WordPress website is probably not a high-value target for these entities unless you are storing something high-value in your site. So, we always begin our discussions about cyber threats and WordPress cyber security by reducing the “value” of the website. In combination with all of the other features and services we offer, we then work to make it really hard or “expensive” to try and get access to or exploit your website. By reducing the value and increasing the resources required to hack a site, we effectively make hacking your website expensive relative to another easier target. And don’t worry about being held ransom by some bitcoin junkie who has encrypted your site. Our backup and recovery system neutralizes that threat outright.

To help us fight this battle, we are constantly monitoring major news outlets and publications on global cyber threats. We employ antivirus and malware scanning software for our clients websites as well as or own machines. We use tools to monitor the files and folders in a site. We can scan all of the core WordPress files to make sure they match the most recent update. Any discrepancies are remediated instantly. We are also able to identify viruses and malware in a WordPress website. We block fake or spoofed crawlers. We also have systems in place to help prevent and respond to DDoS attacks. And, lastly, we have policies and procedures internally about how we handle logins and our own clients’ information.

Cyber security is a very young, fast-paced and evolving industry. So, what you really need to know is that you have a team of ethical, passionate and committed individuals working for you to help reduce your risk as much as possible. That is the essence of why WordZite was created in the first place.

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