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Advanced DNS

The DNS or Domain Name Server is the place where your IP addresses and other settings are configured. These settings tell the entire internet where your website resides, where to send your email, what sub-domains you have, etc. This is basically the switchboard for all of your digital assets.

For many businesses, the name server is provided by the hosting company and uses the hosting company’s name or one of their affiliated domains. Right away, this tells the world where your site is hosted. Unfortunately, this can also be an indication of how secure your site is based on what is known within the industry about certain web hosts and the processes and infrastructure they use. We use 3rd party name servers that give no indication of where your site is hosted and what infrastructure is being used therein making it slightly more difficult for cyber criminals to attack your site.

We also use a DNS control panel that has one of the best user interface in the industry with an incredibly short default TTL (time to live). This short TTL means we can make changes if/when needed and they go live much faster than if those same changes were applied in a traditional DNS control panel.

We also have the ability within the control panel to do some more advanced DNS settings should your company require it including support for updated protocols like IPv6 and HTTP/2. We will gladly work with your existing in-house our outsourced IT team to ensure there are no disruptions to your business during the setup and management of your plan.

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