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WordPress Security and
Performance Audits

It’s like a home inspection for your WordPress website

There are no building codes, no regulations and no certifications for how WordPress websites should be developed and managed. Every web developer and hosting company has their own opinion when it comes to what is “adequate” and who is accountable for the security and performance of a WordPress website. Ultimately, its your job to ensure that your WordPress website is not a liability for your business.

Our Security and Performance Audit is the perfect way to hold your web host or developer accountable. One of our technicians will audit your WordPress website for over 100 industry standards. And we’ll provide you with a detailed report of what we find with explanations in layman’s terms so that you know exactly what issues your site faces. Real humans. Real service. Real information.

The Audit Process

  1. PLACE ORDER: click on the link below to order your audit.

  2. GRANT ACCESS: We will contact you to request a couple logins that we need in order to complete the audit. This is only temporary access which can be revoked once we’re done our work.

  3. SCHEDULE AUDIT: Your website may be heavily used during working hours. So, we’ll work with you to schedule a time that works for your business.

  4. SIT BACK: Relax while we complete a review of your site relative to all of our standards.

  5. REVIEW FINDINGS: We will provide you with a written report of what we find and can schedule a time to explain our findings to you in more detail if needed.

  6. NEXT STEPS: We can discuss a remediation for any critical issues that we’ve uncovered with full transparency and honest estimates for the required work.

It’s quick, easy and affordable.

Keep your WordPress site secure. Order your audit now!