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WordPress Security Consultant

Help Us Shape the Future of WordPress Security

WordZite is a WordPress security and performance company that has created a best-in-class offering that we believe is superior to all others on earth. We help individuals, corporations and not-for-profits ensure that their WordPress website does not pose a risk to their business or operation. We do this through a mix of hands-on services, 3rd party software, WordPress plugins as well as our own internal best-practices for developing, configuring and managing WordPress websites and the servers they reside on.

While our founders do have over 20-years of combined expertise in the web industry, we never assume that we know everything. So, we are looking for individuals interested in an advisory and consulting role in our company. Our experience has proven that we can never learn enough or get enough great ideas from really smart people like you. This role is very hands-off and is suited for someone who already has a full-time job or who owns one more more companies. And, it goes without saying, that this is a role better suited for someone with a great deal of experience working in the WordPress community. We want to find someone who can challenge our assumptions and give us some new ideas on how we can deliver on our promises to our customers.

What We Need

We realize this is not a typical job posting. So, we’re not going to try and describe the job, skills and experience because it’s not that cut and dry. Our ideal candidate is someone who is well connected in the WordPress community and who we can call upon to help us resolve specific challenges, brainstorm ideas and ask the right questions. It’s very much an advisory and consulting role. You wouldn’t have to do any of the actual work in our business – we have technicians for that. We have other advisors from various backgrounds. And we may hire more than one person in this role to ensure we have a well-rounded group of people that are committed to helping WordZite be the best-in-class WordPress security company on earth.

What We’re Offering

Compensation for this role could vary from an hourly rate to a retainer depending on your background and experience and the amount of time you have available.

Our CEO will be personally reviewing all candidates. So, if this role interests you, please send an email with some information on your background and work experience to with “WordPress Security Consultant” in the subject line. Or, simply introduce yourself to our CEO, Kevin McLeod, on LinkedIn.

We look forward to meeting you.