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Top 7 WordPress Uptime Monitoring Plugins for 2024

Sep 12, 2023

Having a reliable website is crucial for any business. Reliability, in this context, generally means that your website is consistently accessible and functional. When your website is working properly and is accessible to your audience, it’s experiencing uptime. The opposite of uptime is downtime: any time that your website is not working properly or is inaccessible to users. Excessive, unplanned downtime can lead to lost revenue and can damage your reputation.

While downtime is sometimes necessary for maintenance, unplanned downtime should be avoided at all costs. 79% of websites surveyed experienced Loss of revenue due to unforeseen downtime, Loss of trust from customers due to server downtime

In order to prevent and fix downtime, you need to know when it occurs. That’s where WordPress uptime monitoring comes in.

In this article:

  1. What to Look for in a WordPress Uptime Monitoring Plugin
  2. Downtime Has a Major Effect on Website Traffic
  3. UptimeRobot
  4. Super Monitoring
  5. Jetpack
  6. Internet Vista
  7. My Website is Online
  8. ManageWP
  9. Pingdom

What to Look for in a WordPress Uptime Monitoring Plugin

When selecting a WordPress uptime monitoring plugin, it’s important to consider factors such as ease of use, customization options, reporting capabilities, and integration with other security or performance plugins you may be using. Cost is also a factor – there are many affordable plugins out there designed for single websites and small teams, but if you’re an enterprise it may be worth the higher investment to implement a more robust, customizable plugin. 

It’s also crucial to confirm that the plugin is regularly updated and maintained by its developers. Regular updates help ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress versions and security standards.

WordPress uptime monitoring plugins are great tools to help you keep track of your website’s performance and ensure its availability. Of course, not every WordPress plugin is created equal, and some may be a better fit for your business depending on size and complexity. Here are our top 7 WordPress uptime monitoring plugins for 2024.

Downtime Has a Major Effect on Website Traffic

If you care about your sites organic traffic, you’re going to want to care about your site’s uptime. Any downtime can severely affect your site’s search ranking and organic traffic. In fact, website downtime can result in a ranking drop of 30%. Not only initially, but it will affect your sites organic traffic long after your sites back up.

SEO and website performance are closely connected. It is essential to optimize your website to meet search engine standards, and uptime plays a significant role in this. Search engines like Google prioritize and reward websites that consistently demonstrate high performance, including quick load times and consistent availability. Ensuring your site is fast and reliably up is pivotal to maintaining and improving your search rankings.


UptimeRobot is a popular choice among website owners due to its simplicity and effectiveness. This plugin offers real-time monitoring of your WordPress website’s uptime, sending instant notifications via email or SMS if any downtime is detected. With UptimeRobot, you can also monitor other aspects such as SSL certificate expiration, response time, and status pages. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting make it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced users.


  • Response time chart so you can pinpoint performance issues
  • Specify a maintenance window so maintenance-related downtime won’t set off alarms
  • Option to send downtime alerts and status updates a specified email list
  • Multi-location checks to avoid false positives

Super Monitoring

Super Monitoring is another robust WordPress uptime monitoring plugin that provides advanced features for website owners. This plugin offers a wide range of monitoring options. It also allows you to set up custom checks, schedule monitoring intervals, and select which channels you wish to receive alerts through, such as email and SMS. Super Monitoring’s intuitive dashboard and extensive reporting capabilities make it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

  • Easy-to-read interface for non-technical users
  • Ability to export monitoring data to Excel
  • Email and text alert options
  • Preemptive notifications so you can potentially fix an issue before it affects customers


Jetpack, developed by Automattic (the company that owns WordPress), is a versatile plugin that offers a comprehensive suite of website security features, including uptime monitoring. With Jetpack, you can keep a close eye on your website’s availability to users, receive notifications when downtime occurs, and gain access to detailed performance insights. Jetpack’s all-in-one approach makes it a convenient choice for websites of various sizes and levels of complexity.

  • Immediate notification via email for any downtime
  • Uptime monitoring servers check your website every 5 minutes
  • Notifications to confirm your site is back up when an issue is resolved
  • Allows you to see the total time your website was down during an outage

Internet Vista

Internet Vista is a feature-rich uptime monitoring plugin that offers a wide range of monitoring options to ensure your website’s reliability. This plugin allows you to monitor your website’s uptime from various locations worldwide, providing a global perspective on your website’s availability. Internet Vista also offers advanced reporting features, including response time analysis and availability history. With its comprehensive monitoring capabilities, Internet Vista is a suitable choice for businesses with a global online presence.


  • Monitoring centres around the world provide a comprehensive picture of your website’s function
  • Real-time alerts on a variety of channels including email, Slack, and SMS
  • Performance reports provide a breakdown of which parts of your website are functioning best (and worst)
  • Scenario monitoring allows you to examine customer funnels and more

My Website is Online

My Website is Online is a straightforward and easy-to-use uptime monitoring plugin for WordPress. It bills itself as a website monitoring service “for web artisans.” My Website is Online allows you to monitor your website’s availability at regular intervals and sends instant notifications via SMS when downtime is detected. This plugin offers a user-friendly dashboard where you can view uptime reports and access historical data. My Website is Online is a reliable choice for small businesses and independent website owners who want to prioritize ease of use.


  • SSL certificate checks so your certificate is never out of date
  • Premade status pages so you can easily notify your user base of any issues
  • DNS record change alerts
  • Google web risk listing alerts


ManageWP, known for its website management, also offers a robust uptime monitoring feature. The ManageWP uptime monitoring plugin allows you to monitor as many websites as you wish from a single dashboard, making it convenient for businesses managing multiple WordPress sites. The plugin is affordable at $1 per website per month, or a $25 flat monthly rate for up to 100 websites. ManageWP’s features make it a valuable addition to any WordPress website management toolkit.


  • Customizable monitoring intervals
  • Option to notify clients or send alerts to additional emails when downtime happens
  • Easy-to-read dashboard with latest events and overall uptime stats


Pingdom, by SolarWinds, offers a reliable WordPress uptime monitoring plugin – or “end user experience monitoring”. This plugin allows you to monitor your website’s uptime from multiple locations, ensuring accurate and comprehensive results. Pingdom provides detailed reports, including response time analysis and performance insights. With its robust suite of tools and comprehensive reports, Pingdom is a popular choice among businesses and IT teams that are interested in getting right to the bottom of the technical aspects of website uptime.


  • Choose from simulated user journey monitoring, and real user tracking, to better understand your users’ path
  • Comprehensive dashboard visualizations for web hosts, developers, and digital marketers
  • Filter by geography, device, or browser when troubleshooting an issue

A reliable uptime monitoring plugin is a sound investment in the security and performance of your website. By actively monitoring your website’s uptime and promptly addressing any issues, you can provide a seamless browsing experience to your visitors, and uphold your business reputation.

Want more information, or advice on which WordPress uptime monitoring plugin is best for your website? WordZite is here to help. Our team of experts specializes in WordPress web security and can help you protect your website from malicious traffic. Contact us today.